At Last...the Ongoing Training and Support You Need to Excel at Online Video, Livestreaming, and Multimedia Content Creation at Your Agency!


Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • want or need to create a video using your smartphone, but don't feel confident about your shooting skills

  • think your last livestream was cringeworthy...and now the boss wants you to livestream an important  meeting or news conference

  • have a small budget to order some equipment for livestreaming or video production, but have no idea what you actually should buy

  • have so many multimedia content ideas swirling around in your brain, but need to figure out how to creatively implement them

  • aren't sure of the best apps to edit video with, or how to use them

  • don't like how you look or sound on camera, and want to develop better confidence

  • need to know how to quickly set up a studio at the EOC/JIC as well as best practices in online crisis communications

  • are a single-person PIO shop, trying to do ALL the things, and you just need online content creation to be easier

  • want a source of collaboration and support from like-minded communicators

  • need a place to turn for answers to vexing tech questions

  • are out to conquer the world of communications and just want to get some awesome monthly training on multimedia content creation!

What could you accomplish if you had access to the ongoing training, support, and expertise you needed?

A Smart Video Team membership will allow you to up-level your skills and outcomes by constantly increasing your skill in creating great multimedia content for your agency!

Knowing These Skills is Critical

What you do, everyday, is incredible. Few people understand the many balls you have to juggle, the “fires” you deal with and put out, and the massive range of skills you've got to have to be a fully competent communicator.

And on top of it, there’s the constant demand of social media. It’s not enough to do a post now and then. Social media has become a critical form of communication for public agencies, especially during the pandemic, and there is nothing more powerful than video to make an impact.

Having multimedia skills is an important part of being an equipped communicator. And all too many PIOs are trying to learn it through trial and error.

We all know how that can turn out: missed opportunities due to technical difficulties, livestreams that crash, poorly-edited content, and that feeling of anxiety when you are under pressure to create something and aren’t feeling confident.


That's why you need Smart Video Team!

What is Smart Video Team?


Smart Video Team is an annual membership program for public agency communicators created by Kerry Shearer, an experienced Public Information Officer who has been providing training to PIO colleagues for 10 years.

Who are Smart Video Team Members?

Smart Video Team members are dedicated communicators who are in the process of becoming content-creating ninjas. They are committed to improving their skills, being willing to learn, and trying new things. Even though they may not consider themselves "techy," they refuse to let that hold them back.

Smart Video Team members know they'll be successful because they'll have access to monthly training, bi-weekly brainstorming and Q&A sessions, and the team support they need to excel at multi-media content creation!

Hi! I'm Kerry Shearer

As a longtime PIO for a major California County, I dreamed of using social media to make a bigger impact for my agency. So I began a big communications experiment to figure out what worked.

I shot and edited videos using every kind of device and app imaginable. That included creating audio clips, animations and livestreams, which were posted to our web sites and social media platforms.

I quickly discovered that knowing how to rapidly create relevant video content was the key to engagement and connection, but also realized that, for many, it would probably feel like the most intimidating skill to learn.

The key was to break it down in easy-to-implement approaches and steps.

At that point, I took a deep breath and a risk. I left my County job, and went into business for myself full-time.

I began teaching what I’d learned and implemented to public agency communications professionals across California and around the country.

Go-getter communicators at local government agencies, state agencies and regional communicators' associations began learning my concepts and using them to make great content. And they kept hiring me to come to their agencies or conferences to hold workshops.

Throughout the COVID lockdowns, we’ve all felt the effects in a big way. In-person conferences are gone, and with them, the collaboration with our peers we so desperately need as professionals and human beings.

I started thinking about the best way I could serve my fellow PIO colleagues… and that’s when I came up with the answer: the Smart Video Team membership!

The smartphone video techniques you'll learn result in new skills and content-creation CONFIDENCE!

Denise Perrin, Community Relations Manager

City of Rowlett, TX

Thank you, Kerry!!! Your session was SO much fun,
and super informative as well. I learned a ton
and can’t wait to implement it!

This membership will be a game-changer (and a career-builder!) because of the new skills you'll learn

And right now you have the opportunity to join at the lowest price that will ever be offered!


What You Get With Your Membership

Once a month training workshop with me, Kerry, and/or expert guest presenter

Every month, I will give you a 60-90-minute training on some aspect of multimedia content creation! It could be video shooting, editing, livestreaming, podcasting, virtual events or other topics you want to learn. And sometimes guest presenters will be featured to give you their expertise!

2X monthly coaching and feedback sessions (AKA me in your back pocket)

At least twice a month, I'll schedule a 60-minute brainstorming and "Ask Me Anything" session. You can get feedback on your ideas and challenges from me and other members, and get your tech questions answered!

The latest scoop on social media news and announcements

Platforms are always adding or deleting features, and new apps and tools are being created. I'll give you a heads up on the major developments that could affect you with timely posts and news updates. Plus, you'll hear about awesome new tech gear!

Private Facebook Group for collaboration and support

Our private Facebook Group will be home base for collaboration between group members. This is the place to ask questions, share ideas and projects, request feedback and get all the latest news. You will LOVE the relationships that develop with other Smart Video Team members at public agencies across the country!

Online archive of all trainings

Any trainings conducted in the group will be archived within our special membership site. You'll be able to go back and watch them at any time, and have access as long as you are a member of Smart Video Team.

This is the Training You Are Craving in 2021

No more putting off your professional development for another year!

Smartphone Video Team Annual Membership


Check Out the Value of What You Get!

  • Monthly trainings plus extended Q&A (12X)
    ($6,000 value)
  • Bi-weekly brainstorming/Q&A sessions (24X)
    ($4,800 value)
  • Private Facebook Group for support, collaboration and Q&A
  • Direct access to Kerry's amazing video and tech expertise to help you past any roadblocks ($250/hour consulting value)
  • Timely updates on platforms, tips and tech
  • Private membership site containing all replays and training

    TOTAL VALUE: $10,800

    YOUR PRICE:        $995

Affordable Price. Massive Value.

Join Now as a Founding Member and Preserve the Price Forever!

What's amazing about this membership opportunity is the incredible value you'll receive.

Think about it: what do you normally have to pay to get JUST ONE training?

  • Fly to a conference for training: $1,500 - $2,500 (multi-day, including airfare, hotel, shuttle, meals and conference fee)

  • Hire a trainer to come to your agency: $1,500 - $3,000 (half day); $3,000 - $6,000 (full day)

  • Attend a one-time, open-to-anyone training event at a local venue conducted by a training company or consultant: $175 - $400 (half- or full-day)

Getting in right away at the Founding Member price is the smartest training decision you'll ever make!

When the doors close to this offer (expected by March 22), no one else will be able to join until the membership is reopened (anticipated in June or July). And at that point, the price will be higher by an expected $300 - $500.

This is truly one of the best training investments you could make in yourself, because I believe ALL competent PIOs and communicators need to know how to create compelling multimedia content!

Whether you are new to smartphone video and multimedia content creation, or whether you've been doing it for awhile, this membership is for YOU!

Kerry Has Been Featured In:

Read What Other Communicators Are Saying!

C.L. Lopez

Communications Officer
County of San Bernardino

"The lessons I have learned from Kerry have inspired me and equipped me to be a more effective communicator during my day-to-day functions and responses to major crises."

Karen Terrill

President, Media Survival Group

"As a company that has trained thousands of PIOs in crisis communications, we continue to contract with Kerry Shearer to teach our participants how to use social media and livestreaming to tell the public what they need to know. He is the's just that simple."

Liz Kydoniefs

Communications and Media Relations, Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo, CA

"The training Kerry provided was invaluable!
I can't thank him enough."

Time to Take Action Now!

Joining the Smart Video Team group of colossal communicators is something that will benefit you for the next 12 months (and beyond, with all the skills you'll learn!). Hurry, before the doors close March 15th!


Why This Membership Makes Total Sense

  • COVID forced public agencies everywhere to reinvent service and content delivery.
    Communicators were plunged into using video, and many were not prepared. This is the opportunity to fill in the gaps and get the training you need to excel at livestreaming, smartphone video production, and multimedia content creation!

  • The need for video as a key part of your agency's communications program is not going away.
    The bar has been raised, and the demands will be greater. This is the opportunity to shortcut the learning curve and not only get the training, but connect with other PIOs who are in the same boat and have encouragement, inspiration, and tips to share!

  • As a longtime former PIO, Kerry Shearer has dealt with the same kind of issues as you.
    He knows the pressure to keep on top of social media and create great content on the fly. He is absolutely dedicated to helping YOU become an equipped communicator by teaching you all about the power of video and multimedia content!